Cadillac Deville Cabriolet

Cadillac Deville Cabriolet

First registration: 1963

Produced: 17 900 pcs.

Body type: convertible

Transmission: 4-speed Hydra-Matic automatic

Traction: RWD (rear-wheel drive)

Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke

Fuel type: gasoline (petrol)

Power: 250kW/335HP

Top speed: 195 km/h

Cadillac was restyled again for 1963. Exterior changes imparted a bolder and longer look. Hoods and deck lids were redesigned. The front fenders projected 4.625 inches further forward than in 1962 while the tailfins were trimmed down somewhat to provide a lower profile. Body-side sculpturing was entirely eliminated. The slightly V-shaped radiator grille was taller and now incorporated outer extensions that swept below the flush-fender dual headlamps. Smaller circular front parking lamps were mounted in those extensions.