Audi S2

First registration: 1994

Produced: 7370 pcs.

Body type: Liftback coupe

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Traction: AWD (all-wheel drive/Quattro)

Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke

Fuel type: gasoline (petrol)

Power: 208kW/279HP

Top speed: 262 km/h

Audi S2 was a high-performance two-door sports car manufactured by Quattro GmbH (now Audi Sport GmbH). The car was based on the Audi 80 (B4), they shared the same platform. The Audi S2 is the first car in the Audi S-series. It was this car that gave rise to the Audi Avant RS2 that was manufactured in 1994.

Auto Union 1000S Coupe

First registration: 1961

Produced: 171 008 pcs.

Body type: Fastback coupe

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Traction: FWD (front-wheel drive)

Engine type: spark-ignition 2-stroke

Fuel type: gasoline (petrol)

Power: 37kW/50HP

Top speed: 135 km/h

At the end of 1957, Auto Union introduced the first model under its name: Auto Union 1000 Coupe de Luxe, stylistically and technically similar to the DKW 3=6. The engine, which was 1000cm3 in size, originally developed 44 horsepower. The Auto Union 1000S was introduced in 1960 with a more powerful 50-horsepower engine and with an outstanding windshield.